The Ears of A Tree

by Pu22L3

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So this piece is called "mga tenga ng puno". To me, trees are very much the ultimate archivist. They see, hear, feel and ultimately become the true unconditional listener. Where ever I have toured ranging from the continental U.S., to South America to Asia, I've sat and have been present with trees at parks because I've wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of touring. When ever I was lucky enough to find that space, I've always noticed there were these ominous trees that were surviving and thriving even amongst the craziness of cities and these times we live in. This lead me to think: what have these trees heard over time? That's when all this shit began. I wondered wtf did this tree hear before us humans? What did this tree hear when it was first born, what is this tree hearing now and because I believe information is passed on genetically, what did this trees ancestors hear? From there I created 4 different sound collage compositions. All representative of 4 layers of a tree: the roots, the trunk, the branches and the canopy. The roots represent what the trees ancestors heard. The cosmic explosion of the Big Bang, the clash of rocks becoming planets, the primordial goo creating the voodoo of life. The trunk represented pre human existence: the formation of land masses, the evolution/migration of living beings that inhabited earth before us humans. Basically life being nomadic and spiritual as hell. The branches represented our crazy fucking times. Our disconnect as humans living in the 2000's. I basically created an audio riot using the hood I live in, the hood I work in and various frisco 5 demonstrations I was present and marched at with my friends. And finally the canopy revolved around a ambient composition using 337hz, 537hrz, 635hz, 662hz, 696hz, 835hz, 1576hz (look all these tones up if u wanna see what they mean. It's just too much to explain lol) these tones are healing tones that I tuned with w a multimeter for full accuracy. This layer is the force field and ultimate wellbeing sonic skin of the tree. After those compositions were done, I then mapped and fabricated the multi layered sound system that would play these compositions. These consisted of 4 computer speaker systems that I unhoused, hacked so they could carry more of an electrical load and added 2 more speakers to each system so they can match the electrical load and can fucking crank lol. I then built extender cables that hooked up to the 4 track cassette machine that played all 4 soundscapes. Once I fabricated and laid out the speaker system I then mounted them with a series of both systems that kept them suspended behind the piece. From there my collaborator and I (big fucking ups to my friend n a great form of inspiration DNO) began to envision how we was gonna make our tree come alive visually. After that was said and done we organized our painting schedule and how we were going to mount and transfer it. Big shout outs to the SomArts stage building crew (zack, Pete, Mateo, Nick, Jose all yall motherfuckers are the most artistic sensitive roughnecks I've ever know and aspire to be hahah) who helped make that happen. The day of the show I set up my home made modular synth and a 4 track machine that you could use. I also made it so that you can pick what tape u would want to use (yes I made 2 tapes, I got inspired 4 days beforehand after I had a dope bike ride and made another tape of a complete ambient track using all 4 tracks the tape using the hz/frequencies I spoke of earlier.) I made it so that the 4 track machine could interact and interface with both my modular synth as well as the soundscape piece. At The day of the show i was able to interact with 7 people, with one being a young man who got hella stuck on the piece (he's the MVP in the pic below). To see how much the user was effected by the chaos yet seeing smiling through the whole audio ordeal was a humbling experience and really gave me a fresh way of listening and talking to people using/making "noise" (I wouldnt call my shit music lol, but I will own up to calling my shit noisey af or audio graffiti). Let alone I was able to make art with a friend and someone I highly respect as a human and artist. In the end it was great to be a part to a greater sum. That UXI people gave me and DNO the space to be who we are and our community of rad folks that threw down just as fucking tough as we did.


released September 6, 2016



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Pu22L3 San Francisco

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