E​/​A​/​R​/​S Electro Acoustic Resistance Systems

by pu22l3

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These compositions are a series of new work strictly made with sounds from or influenced by my trip to the Philippines. They range from found sound noise collages to composed modular synthesized music. This was an amazing trip that will have an ever lasting resonance in my life.

Here is a time stamped step by step guidance to all the compositions, enjoy:

Patch 1:
Keep Hoods Yours
Time stamp:
Gear used:
• Organelle: 16 step 2.0 sequencer patch
• Mankato VCF
• Serge VCF
• Makenoise Phono Gene

Song movement:
-Found sounds in Makati/Cubao expo layered and slowly fade in: 000-111
-Found sounds then cut up/spliced and sequenced in Organelle: 111-400
-Found sounds subtle filter ramp up and first full sequence begins: 400-430
-In organelle sequence, gate opens up the sample so full length of samples are played and sounds like full on audio traffic of Makati and Cubao: 430-630
-I then import another set of sounds to give more depth to sequence: 630- 700
-In organelle and in makenoise phono gene, I resample live and grainurlize sounds: 700-745
-At end a delay sell on the motor cycle sample to give transition: 745 – 800

Patch 2:
Pay Back Kids
Time stamp:
• 755-1322
Gear used:
• Serge modular synthesizer
• Makenoise Phonogene
• Sythrotek Eko
• Arturia Beat Step Pro

Song movement:
-Serge system melodic tone made by self-oscillating a filter slowly ramping up band pass filter to give more of a dirty color: 800- 910
-Full on band pass distortion: 915-940
-I then take the feed back of the delay and lightly ramp it up to give another layer of distortion and dirtiness to signal path to point of drone: 940-1034
-I then sample the tone with in makenoise phonogene and create auxiliary tone and manipulate it to contribute to the melodic pulse swelling both band pass filter and feedback: 1034-1200
-I bring back all tones and bring back feed back and let created tone resonate with moving line 1200-1238
-I then take the note I sampled earlier and sequence it the the makenoise rene to become a counter pulse to original line then slow it all down to end it: 1238-1324

Patch 3:
As Destruction Progresses
Time stamp:
• 1322-1755
Gear used:
• Tascam Field recorder
• Portable Sony Cassette recorder
• Synthrotek Eko

Song Movement
-I begin sequencing all sounds in organelle patch called h rando. First layer is all of the Phillippines. All clinks and clanks are from traffic, neighbor hood life in general. 1322-1340
-I slowly turn up eco feed back to turn up depth and give depth to sounds. Chings and Cling sounds are actually voices, crickets and a crashing of engine sounds being worked on. I modulate in and out of delay to give space and movement to both filter ends and delay ends. 1340-1600
-I then begin to open up and slow down samples to create a long ambient tone that sits under composition and then modulate it with the synthrotek eko. All while sounds of all cities begin to collage together. 1600-1720
-I then begin to press play off and on to give push and pull to the drone, while playing with the delay feed back trail, while slowly fading out: 1720-1801

Patch 4:
The Main Circuit
Time stamp:
• 1755-2238
Gear used:
• Organelle and Organelle patched named “Arpeggio Synth”
• Portable Sony Cassette recorder
• Serge 73 VCF
• Synthrotek Eko

Song Movement
-I use the organelle and create a Melodic line and slowly ramp it in: 1800-1847
-I then take another take of the song that I transferred on to the sony cassette and blend the orginal with the dirtier transfer along with switching the pattern in the sequencer: 1847-1919
-I then take both takes of the blend and begin to low pass filter sweep it to give it more depth and body and give the feeling of being sub merged under water to give the pulse a more heart beat, all the while sampling it into the phonogene: 1919-2021
-The sampled bit from the phonogene then gets sequenced live with the rene and then gets more manipulated with in the phonogene all while the original sequence is filtered in the low pass filter. the sampled tone creates a counter pulse to the original line: 2021-2222
-I then blend all pieces to create a full on piece. Which I then then destroy with the turn of the pitch knob which then slows the sample down to a stop: 2222-2320

Patch 5:
Revolutionary Minded Artistry
Time stamp:
• 2250-2735
Gear used:
• Tascam Field recorder
• Portable Sony Cassette recorder
• Organelle and Organelle patch called h Rando
• Synthrotek Eko

Song Movement
-Makati on Gen Mar Vel sounds are being processed and manipulated with H rando Patch: 2250-2440
-EDSA near Cubao then gets layer over Makati, while doing that I also turn up delay and reverb modules to give more depth. 2440-2600
-San Francisco Sounds are added, all the high pitched shrieks and what not are muni bus samples being manipulated by the H rando Patch 2600-2711
-New york sounds are added. All the splochy and more liquid sounds are time stretched noise of the rain outside my loft. Which are then processed and layered over other cities to create a bigger audio city. 2711-2740

Patch 6:
Together with style
Time stamp:
• 2735-3502
Gear used:
• Full Serge system
• Organelle and organelle patch named: Sampler style Rec
• Beatstep pro

The set up/Song Movement:
-Created a noise patch drone beforehand
-These are the first steps in manipulating patch and finding sounds: 2735-2800
-Fnally have a set amount of sounds and begin to sequence: 2800-2816
-Create a constant pulse using Beatstep pro and finding a groove using the first set of found sounds recorded using “sampler style rec” patch. 2816-2920
-I begin to manipulate sounds in real time and time stretch them using parameters in organelle settling on a pulse of sounds that work: 2920-3101
-I then slow down the initial tempo to give more space of the time stretched samples. While slowing down the tempo, I turn up the Synthrotek Eko to give depth and trail to sound 3101-3217
-With high pitched tone leading the way, I slowly descend the tone and fade it out so all you hear is an underlying layer of a sounds scape of the Philippines which has been playing through out the whole composition. 3217-end


released February 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Pu22L3 San Francisco

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